Brand management

KKragman offers services as an outsourced commercial department for partners

Companies can often face challenges in developing a trademark in a highly dynamic market. This is why we put all our expertise at the service of customers to capitalize on their brands in all the channels we work in.
Analysis of competitors
Total number of products
Creation of logos
Total number of products
Packaging design
Total number of products
Outdoor promotion
Total number of products
Social media management
Total number of products
Creation of video ads
Total number of products

Through our sales teams, we have good coverage and very short response times

We manage to cover several points of sale, from large retail networks in the market, to convenience stores, as well as HoReCa.

Are you passionate about shelf marketing? Kragman helps you!

Kragman’s shopper marketing, manufacturing and packaging design specialists help you capitalize on the importance of product communication on the shelf. We provide specialized commercial services for all distribution channels. We have a committed and competent team dealing with the on-time delivery of products, their storage and inventory for restocking purposes.