Tecuci mustard – the same old taste

Manufactured exclusively in the Tecuci area, where the tastiest and most authentic Romanian mustard is made. Tradition and custom in one product
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Web development

Web accessibility is a priority: a minimalist style, an attractive interface and an easy-to-use menu

The stage of placing the Gratarel trademark in the digital space was inevitable, and our team was fully responsible for creating the logo and the website, from design development to content creation.
Social media

The Grataral marketing kit has been designed and built taking into account the high expectations of the food industry

Gratarel aims to improve and diversify the consumer experience in terms of Romanian food products, while complying with the quality standards.
Graphic design

A branding that preserves the tradition of the Romanian taste

The logo is the ambassador of any trademark, and Gratarel mustard is not an exception to the rule.