No nation appreciates minced meat rolls and sausages more than the romanian nation does

We, the creators of the exclusively Romanian taste at PROMEZ, have combined recipes, tests, modern technologies, delicate spices and the best quality ingredients, to surprise you with traditional delights for the moments of your life.
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Web design

We have been responsible for the entire process of creating the web page

The design of the presentation site is consistent, with an emphasis on an easy user experience.
Naming creation

In choosing the brand name, we have chosen a complex word that everyone understands

The brand name ‘Promez’ has a double meaning: ‘Pro’ – which represents a promise to consumers in terms of quality and ‘mez’ – which represents meat products
Logo design and creation

The logo, as well as the brand’s visual identity, enhances the Promez concept

After several attempts, a word mark logo has been created, a font that reproduces the character of a quality, authentic Romanian product with a history behind it.